About Us

Adeya (ἄδεια): "freedom from fear" (Ancient Greek)

Who we are

Adeya SA is an independent Swiss company that combines software experts, telecoms engineers, and security specialists. With our fully in-house development teams, we provide secure mobile voice over IP and messaging solutions since the earliest stages of the smartphones.

Our mission

To provide mobile security solutions by following the latest trends in the fast moving secure mobile voice and messaging ecosystem. Based on our efficient and state-of-the-art cryptographic technology layer, we satisfy the best possible trade-off between security and usability.

What we do

We develop end-to-end encrypted voice over IP and messaging solutions for widely used mobile operating systems (iOS, Android and BB OS). With each of our client, we work closely and transparently during the entire life-cycle of our projects.


Based in Morges, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, we have clients and partners all around the world in the major market segments we target including but not limited to Government & Defence, Enterprises & SMB and ICT Service Providers.

Supported Mobile Platforms

BlackBerry OS 10

Our Product

Mobile voice and messaging with maximum control, maximum security.


Adeya users are managed in closed trusted groups, communicating over a secure network. Secure communication begins only if both (or all) parties are trusted and validated by the system.


Users, groups and system management via the built-in web-based Adeya Management System. Easy, over-the-air and secure mobile application deployment via a private Application Store.


End-to-end encrypted mobile VoIP calls over any data channel (e.g., 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi). Make secured conference calls with your trusted contacts. Call to external numbers with PBX integration.


Secure Chat over any data channel. Secure broadcast and group chat among all contacts. Encrypted SMS over GSM networks. Create Secure Files, share it and store within Adeya, securely.

Our Features

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  • Government & Defence

    Governmental Agencies, Ministries, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Enterprise & SMB

    Financial Institutions, Oil & Gas Industry, Trading Sector, Healthcare, Retail

  • ICT Service Providers

    Mobile and Telecom operators, Service Providers, Satellite Communication Providers

Contact us

Rue St-Louis 2, Morges
+41 22 566 14 80

Reach us

By Plane

The closest airport to Adeya is the Geneva International Airport. You can reach us very easily either by a direct train or by car in less than an hour from the Geneva International Airport. The other international airports that are a couple of hours away from Adeya are Zürich, Basel and Lyon International Airports.

By Train

Adeya is just a five-minute walk from the Morges railway station, which is accessible with a direct train from the Geneva airport. To reach us from the Zürich Airport, take a train to Lausanne (via Bern) and change to the regional train for Morges. Check here for the timetable of the Swiss Railways.

By Car

We are just a couple of minutes away from both highway exits of Morges, if you are coming by car. The corresponding highway is named A1/E25/E62 and it is easily accessible from both Geneva, Geneva International Airport and the central part of Switzerland. On-site private parking available upon arrival.